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Michelle Cain
Hiding colour bar


I'm trying to plot several flight track plots on top of each other (a bit like the the one on your website from the ITOP 2004 campaign). Each one gets it's own colour bar by default, which is not very helpful, as 99% of the plot will just be colour bars. I have figured out how to give each plot the same colour bar, so in the end I only need to actually show one of them. I tried unsuccessfully to use "nocolourbar" but either it's not applicable to this kind of plot, or I'm using it wrong.

I am sure there's an easy way to do this, but I just can't find it!



Re: Hiding colour bar

Hi Michelle, sorry this wasn't very straightforward, and for the slow response!

Are you using the command line, or the Python interface? Either way if the variable you're plotting is the same you should be able to just read all the files in one go - the syntax is just a little different.

On the command line you should be able to do:

cis plot some_variable:ITOP_files/*.nc ...

Does this give what you expect?


Michelle Cain
yes, this works at the

yes, this works at the command line! Thanks!

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