Designing your new kitchen at the beginning

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Designing your new kitchen at the beginning

In the initial step towards installing a new kitchens ( Recommended Studying - ) kitchen in your home, the greater initial planning you perform the better the result.
Here are a few simple plans you can put to use and adapt to suit.
As an example double galleys and L shaped kitchens.
You could also redraw to suit an L shaped room should that be what you are working with.
From a practical point-of-view plan in an space where you could prepare food and eat in the same place. Adding in extra functionality that allows your children to do their homework, or where you can do some work, will ensure your kitchen works as an activity hot spot, and that you get really good value from your layout.
Here are a few great important practical pointss:
Keep the cutlery drawer near your dishwasher.
Install the sink and dishwasher close because you will often be using both simeltaneously.

You will be doing yourself a favour by keeping your workspace streamlined but divided from the eating area. This is why islands are very important. They let these two separate functions of your kitchen to live side by side, yet separated.
The more you work on this, the more useful will be your kitchen as a gathering point in your home.

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