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CIS has built-in support for reading NetCDF, ASCII, HDF and PP file formats. That said, most data sources require some sort of pre-processing before being ready to be plotted or analysed (for example this often involves specifying the variables which contain the spatio-temporal coordinates of the data, or shifting the time coordinate onto a common reference). For that reason, CIS deals with reading in data files via the concept of "data plugins". Each data plugin has its own specific way of reading and interpreting the data in order for it to be ready to be plotted, analysed, etc.

CIS also supports changing and extending the behaviour of the collocation routines through "analysis plugins". These plugins can be created to implement new kernels for averaging a set of points, new constraints for selecting particular regions or sets of data, or whole new collocation engines for running the collocation itself.

This page lets you browse the plugins that come with CIS, as well as those which have been developed by the community. If you can't find a data plugin which matches your needs then take a look at section 14 in the documentation for a comprehensive guide to developing your own. More detail about the design of the different collocation components, and advice for developing analysis plugins can be found in section 15.

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  • Reads variable and coordinates from separate files. Manipulates data. Creates variable metadata.
    SEVIRI CMSAF CTX version 1
  • Aerosol Comparisons between Observations and Models (model) Data
  • Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (model) Data
  • Global Aerosol Synthesis and Science Project flight campaign measurements
  • Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (model) Data
  • Spectral aerosol optical thickness from ground-sites
    Version 2 Direct Sun Algorithm
  • Cloud and aerosol optical thickness from satellite
    Coll. 5 MOD08/MYD08 E3
  • Cloud and aerosol optical thickness from satellite
    Coll. 5 MOD08/MYD08 D3
  • Aerosol optical thickness from satellite
    Coll. 5 MOD04/MYD04 L2


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