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Plugin Documentation Question

In Chapter 16.2.1 "Easy" The first code example reads:

def get_file_signature(self):
return [r'\.nc']

I think it should be:

def get_file_signature(self):
return [r'.*\.nc']

consistent with the class definition in

Because I'm new, I thought I should post here first. However, this question might be more appropriately submitted to the source tree maintainer as an issue/pull request. Is this the case? Also, it could be useful to reference the source file from which the tutorial example is drawn.

I'm working towards writing a CALIOP v4 reader, which is why I'm looking at the tutorials. Thanks for any guidance you can give me regarding the best way to submit potential improvements to the documentation/tutorials.

Re: Plugin Documentation Question

Good spot! Yes, a pull request would be fantastic, thanks.

I've actually already started a CALIOP v4 plugin here:

Feel free to build on that. I've only really looked at the L2 aerosol profile products but the V4 seems to be very similar to the V3 data.

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